Saturday, February 21, 2009

just to show you I am not dead

The last week I have been getting over a nice head cold, I don't get sick that often, so when I do it is a surprise. We have picked up the pork that was butchered for us. and yes, it is that good, if you follow me on twitter you know my thoughts on that. It tastes better than good. I don't know if it is psychological because we raise our own animals, or we are just proud of ourselves for not killing off the animals before they were ready to go to the butcher. I will brag, we now do not buy any meat from the store except pepperoni and Stephanie is saying we can make that ourselves too. I am not complaining. I am bragging. Some more bragging on my dear wife, she and Kellen made homemade tortillas the only problem I had with that was that she didn't make enough. They were thicker than store bought and reminded me of the chalupas you would order at Taco Bell.

I was off yesterday because I am working today. Yesterday:
  • I replaced the rear wheel bearding hub assembly on Stephanie's van,
  • Disbudded the two newborn goats (that would be searing {branding} the top of the head where the horns start to grow out preventing the horns from growing.)
  • put the washer back together with a lot of help from paul that thingwas so greasy and the thing still doesn't work, so I have to look at it again.
  • haul more straw to the pigs
  • replaced the H burner in my grill that blew off the deck in the wind storm a week or so ago. So Stephanie (how many web sites can she have?) can grill my fresh pork chops
The last ime I checked I have about 75 RSS (Really Simple syndication) feeds that I subscribe to. Here are a few I thought you might be intrested.
  • LeVar Burton- remember Reading Rainbow? who doesn't? At his blog he even reads his posts to you if you want. Just listening to him brings back memories.He also twitters
  • If you are not watching this, than you are missing all things awesome.
  • Political Cartoons there are some pretty funny ones here.
  • just to give away my political leanings, I think Bobby Jindal is my new hero.
  • I like Tweetgrid the best.
  • and last but not least, How would you like to read this on your cake?
Talk to you soon. I will try to post on a more regular basis.


amyd76 said...

Love LeVar! Thanks for sharing!!!

crystal said...

Oh yes, Jindal rocks so hard. I want to see him on a ticket SOON. I'm not sure I want to see Mark Sanford on a ticket but I'm becoming a fan of his as well.

Walt said...

LeVar Burton singing the Reading Rainbow song live at a Diggnation was hilarious...