Tuesday, January 13, 2009

this week's wrap up

A week gone already? yes. It is finished. Tomorrow I leave for Columbus for the OMEA convention. I will have a booth there as always. I look forward to this weekend. I get to schmooze with a lot of people. The boss takes us out for a nice dinner every night. I get my own hotel room, etc. The down side is that I am in Columbus for four days, I have a wife and kids at home and a farm to help run. I fed the pigs this morning so Paul won't have to until Thursday or Friday morning. So I am looking forward to this weekend, yet. I feel bad. I will be however, twitter through out the weekend just to rub it in, I mean let you know. So follow me here.

Have you seen the new phone Palm unvailed? I am drooling, but I will wait. wait for a long time....

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Scribbit said...

Hey, sounds like a party :)

Andrew's on the road this week too.