Thursday, January 8, 2009

Browns hire Mangini

Let me state a fact (according to Colin)first before I say anything else. The farther you move away from a city, the more rational sports fan you become. Having lived in Ohio for the first 30 years of my life, I can say that I was well doctrinated into being a hard core Cleveland fan. Now living in WV, I have a clear head when discussing sports with other people. I think the rationale is worse down here in WV. If you don't wear something green and white (Marshall,) blue and yellow (WVU) on a weekend, people look at you funny.  Getting back to my point. The farther away you live from a city, the more rational you are about the sports teams. Sorry NE Ohio, but you are pretty much off the deep end most of the time when it comes to your sports. 
Saying that, I think the Mangini hire is a good one. You will have arguements on both sides, but I will tell you in any regular job, I will hire some one in Mangini's spot a second. He just got fired from a job he wasn't that bad at.  Everyone learns from their mistakes (ok, not everyone but most people.) and I think Mangini will learn from his mistakes at NY. That's it. You can talk about who the GM will be and talk about who he will hire as his coordinators, but right now, he is a good choice. Sit back and watch things unfold.

Terry Pluto has a couple articles on this.


delilah said...

Bernie for manager???? Just a thought. That is the unofficial buzz around town.

Anonymous said...

Like Harleys? You'll love this!

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

oh good grief, that is all Jeff and Ryan talked about all evening. Every time I hear the name Mangini, it makes me want to hum the Elephant March. It's close enough. LOL