Saturday, January 10, 2009


So just to keep you updated on what has been happening with me(us.) I have to preface this by saying blogger is not cooperating with me on my computer at work I am going to try to post link and an videos writing the HTML out my self, we will see.

Maggie had her lambs Thursday morning. Twin ewes, one is spotted. I docked their tails yesterday, they seem to be doing just fine. I mined for clay mud all day yesterday. Paul got the excavator stuck a few days ago, after he pulled it out, both tracks were packed full of mud. So yesterday, while he was hauling stone for the driveway to the pig barn, I picked frozen mud out of the tracks. The day got warmer as it went a long so by the afternoon it went fairly easy. (I am not complaining.) We got the dump truck stuck twice. It is nice to own a bull dozer you can just pull it out with. It was also nice to have a day with out precipitation that we could work in.

After the day of digging, went went to our friends house and had dinner, and played some Wii. They have the Wii fit game so, of course, the was the game of choice. Stephanie crushed me on the hula hoops.I enjoyed the ski jump quite a bit.It is pretty amazing how sensitive that Wii board is.

Did anyone else read about the 6yr old boy bringing a loaded gun to school? Am I the only one that thinks clearly on this subject?

Obama wants to extend the digital deadline
because Americans are not prepared. This is just another example of the nanny state we are in. I was annoyed that they started telling us about the switch in September. That was how long ago? Jake elaborated on it a bit too.

and last, but not least let me introduce you to Walt. He has been entertaining me for a while on the web, and I am sorry I haven't linked to him lately. His episode 3 is up and it is always worth your time.


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Leaving a comment to test things out...

Walt said...

I wanted to say thanks for the mention, but the comments weren't your comment above I assume that you've heard about it and just fixed it? Was just going to tweet you about it...

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