Tuesday, June 3, 2008

You drop, I Link and I hurt something bad.

I put the entrecard link on the side bar. When you drop your card, your link appears in the box there. I thought that was pretty neat.

Right now I am sitting in pain. The last couple of mornings I have woken up in pain. My lower back killing me. I think I hyper extended it lifting those rolls of woven wire. but that was at least a month or two ago. I need to hang up side down for a while to stretch out I think if it isn't raining when I get home (or Paul isn't working on the air conditioning) I will throw the over the bucket and hang for a while, and yes Stephanie will get pictures, I'm sure. but the radar isn't looking good though.

I haven't stumbled for awhile, I will now. This page is intresting.


Anonymous said...

Tim I think you are showing your age or maybe mine - seriously tho I hope you are feeling better soon! love Mom {and Dad}

Anthony at Work-at-home-Wealth.com said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for adding "You drop, I Link" widget to your blog. I hope your Entrecard visitors notice this sign of appreciation to them and keep coming to your blog (which BTW is an interesting one with nice layout and content).


crystal said...

Lie on your belly and do a push up but don't let your hips leave the floor. Do it slowly, with your hands shoulder width apart. Do this about 20 times when ever you think about it.
It may also help to have Steph put gentle even pressure on the spot that hurts while you do this, using her hands like she's giving chest compressions.
If it hurts to one side or the other, lie on the opposite side.
You're going to throw your back out completely with that hanging upside down crap... just sayin!

Scribbit said...

All my sympathies!

Andrew's down icing his calf from a running injury that won't go away and grumbling about getting old. :) Hate those aches and pains.