Thursday, June 5, 2008

Not to be out done

Yesterday Phelan told us her cow had finally given birth. That's great! However, not to be out done, our cow has just birthed our new calf today as well, giving us a total of two girls between the two cows we have. Sorry, I don't have any pictures yet. Stephanie is sure to post them as soon as we set over to take pictures. I tell her to do some custom picture framing for you. It is your typical Black Angus calf. Hopefully they will sell and go for a good price, or taste really good at the dinner table. I am jealous of the bees though. I think I want some know too and I don't even like honey. I just want the pollination.

Saturday we leave for North Carolina. Stephanie and I and Paul and Linda have been busy. Paul and I replaced most of the A/C unit in his Chrysler T&C. It is turning out well. We usually leave out a few bolts here and there. But nothing this time and after a minor adjustment, it held the vacuum, and the pressure. He told me today that is it fixed. One down, one to go. Our van is going to get the same treatment eventually.

Yesterday I fed the animals in the rain, it was fun. I enjoy playing with them and I enjoy the rain. I only get annoyed with our ram. He is the bully and you need to keep your space. I think it was Last Saturday that he charged me and I ended up spinning him down into the holler. It was good exercise. We haven't sheared the sheep yet, so I had plenty to grab on to. We only hold onto him because of his genes.

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Phelan said...

WOOHOO! Congrats on the heifer!