Monday, June 16, 2008

Catch up from vacation

We had a nice vacation. We left Saturday morning(June 7th) and got back Saturday the 14th. We camped at a national forest park near Asheville, NC. My friend Tim lives there now so we were
able to get together and catch up.

We biked lot, visited four or five waterfalls, got to slide down one too, that was fun we spent four hours there doing that. It was very populated and there were spectators there. There was one time, I was trying to convince Lydia and Nolan to go down, and they were sliding down slowly together with me there coaching them on, and some young teenager comes flying in and runs right smack into them, pushing them into the cold (it was cold, believe me) water below. Not hard but fast. so needless to say I wasn't happy.I yelled at him like I had never yelled at a stranger before. I think I went on for about 15-20 seconds. It wasn't like a "hey kid watch where you're going!" It was more like a rant. I don't know whether to feel proud or guilty. but either way, he got the point pretty quick. After that it took me forcing Lydia to go down one more time because she was afraid to get hit again, and Nolan wanted go two more times after waiting until he built up the courage. After he went down once, and asked if he wanted to go again, he replied with a resounding YES! In the middle this time! (that would be the fast lane) and then after his trip down the fast lane with me he didn't like getting smacked with the cold water he was done, and it was time for us to leave as well. We have a knack for running our kids down until they fall asleep instantly on the way home. Of course they didn't half the time while on vacation but oh will we tried.

Stephanie tells the story on how it rained and we got wet better than I would.

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delilah said...

Jake rides around our neighborhood like that (bike, tag-along, trailer), he gets a lot of stares. It looks beautiful where you guys were. Much better than Maine. LOL.