Friday, May 30, 2008

Moment of truth?

I need to publicly apologize to my wife for something I did to her today. She knew in advance that I was doing it, but because she is my wife, a woman of integrity, self sacrificing, always putting my needs, and her children's (but mainly mine) in front of her own, she let me do it anyway.
I completed her coffee mystery shop.

It was assigned to her, but because of schedules and time commitments, I had to step in on short notice. It was a bit of a sacrifice for me, but nothing compared to the one made by my wife who is slaving in our garden as we speak, hoeing row after row, straining under the hot sun, as her husband sips from his iced vanilla latte with whipped cream and chocolate powder on top.

If you have time stop over and show your condolences. She'll need them.

See you when I get home from work honey. I love you.


Stephanie said...


Truth be told I had the schedule all worked out to go, until YOU changed it!

Love you honey. Glad you enjoyed my latte!

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

a co worker changed it dear.