Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial day weekend

The weekend went fast as usual. I had to work Friday and Saturday. Sold a Clarinet Saturday. That was nice. Jake and Delilah came down and hung out. Sunday we went to the Vandalia festival and hung out there for a couple hours and then came back home, to bail some hay. Then yesterday I tilled the garden by the house with the little hand tiller thing which isn't easy. Then tilled the big garden with the power tiller, then went to the lunch thing the neighbor's church was putting on. Then came back home and cleared the fence that surrounded the big garden, then from 5:30 until 9:45pm we bailed more hay and put it in the barn until the trailer was empty and we couldn't see each other. When I went back to get the trailer before bailing, I scarfed down two PB&J sandwiches, 4 no bake cookies, and the rest of what was in the milk gallon (about a 1/4ish of a gallon) and still thought to myself, man this isn't going to get me though the evening. I was right. It didn't. Then I though about my caloric intake, and thought, what does Anoretix have to do with this? I am really not eating too much right now, but it sure feels like it.

I am now contemplating going home early, but then I would have to really work when I got home, and I just feel like sleeping. I couldn't even make coffee this morning. I was spilling it every where, I used a clump of coffee filters instead of one, and pilled the coffee on to the floor and the Vivian got the step stool and poured my water out into the sink. Did you ever get up one morning and just wonder around the house trying to wake up knowing you had to be some where by sometime, but just could not function? That was me this morning. Oh and I forgot my phone at the house too. Luckily I am in the office most of the day today.

Paul ordered a seed spreader to spread the seed and fertilizer more evenly then the one we borrowed. ( It was old and just not working right) It is not the walk behind ones we are talking about either. We're talking about Tim Allen grunting high velocity, feel like you are getting pelted with a BB gun, PTO driven spreader. ( argh, argh, argh)

We actually fit it into the back of my work van. I would have taken pictures but I left my camera, well, you know.

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