Saturday, March 22, 2008

more poles and fence

We are plugging away at the fence now with almost half of the holes dug. We could stretch the first run of fence. The digging has been easy, and the help of the tractor and auger has made it go faster. We cut down more locust trees to make more posts. I didn't buy the posts from directbuy.
We will need to have about 45 more to finish it up.

We cut them to 7 feet give or take an inch or two, and dug two foot holes leaving 5 feet to work with. I started this post a couple of days ago, and today after digging 12 more holes, we are 10 corner braces away from running fence.

So with all that fence we will be able contain the chickens and the ducks and the rest of the livestock. There has also been talk of bringing back a horse as well. With all this talk of digging its no wonder I posted this.

It is definitely is a different make it from scratch, but it sure fits the definition.

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Phelan said...

looking good!