Monday, March 17, 2008

Better call the vet...

Because these pythons are sick!

I really wanted to make Phelan feel better, and join in on her agony, so we decided to start digging fence posts for the woven fence to help keep the chickens and duck from pooping all over the place. Paul and I dug 14 (I think, I lost count after 10) fence posts, two feet deep. I haven't counted, but I don't think we are half way there. We will finish most of them off with the tractor. I thought this morning I would wake up sore, but not really, my hands and wrists are sore but not enough to complain too much. but enough to think of Phelan, keep up the good work! We are right the with you!

1 comment:

Phelan said...

~sigh~ fences. I have to run fence for the cows and wattle fencing for the garden. Can we change the subject? :D Good on you guys.