Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I need a sole

Two, to be exact. I have a nice pair of black wing tips that I wear when I am dressed up. I don't really have a casual pair of black dress shoes. So my point, the pair I have now, has two holes worn at the balls of my feet, and EVERY TIME I wear them it rains. Today was no exception. I need to get my shoes resoled. That spelling doesn't look right. oh well. I just never make the time. The same thing goes for my suit (that I wear my black wing tips with) I need to get it taken out, yes you read correctly taken out, when I bought it I was a size 34, now I am a size 38. and the jacket it is a bit snug too, but I have yet to take it to alternations.

Pretty bad huh? Both feet are like this.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

It's nice that you can get your soles fixed. Women's shoes fall apart completely. No repairing necessary...

My husband's shoes look just like yours. He keeps telling me he needs new shoes...guess he's tired of fixing the ones he has.