Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where is my snowboard?

Better yet, where is a place that is close that I can board? Oh, wait, that's right there isn't one. If there was, the snow would be gone by the time I got there anyway. It was a little chilly this morning. " How chilly was it?" you ask? I poured a jar of iced tea from the fridge to take with me to work. I get out, start up the car, let the chickens out, and get back in and take a drink of my tea. It was warm. My iced tea from the fridge was warm compared to the outside temp. My kinda of weather.

If you haven't been, shame on you, check out Phelan, she is way ahead of us when it comes to the garden.

My wife is always worthy of your time.

Want pictures from last weekend? You can see them here.

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Brooks said...

I love winter and snowboarding... I got my new snowboard from