Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sunglasses Walmart Boot Decisions

No Thursday Thirteen today. I have a decision to make and I need some advice. I need a new pair of sunglasses, and A new pair of work boots for around the farm. The choice is:1.) go with the cheap pair of sunglasses, and a nice pair hiking boots that are $39.97. OR 2.)the nice pair of Sunglasses that are $49.99 and the cheap boot at Wal-mart for $29.99. I have tried the boots on at Wal-mart, and they are not too bad. I question how long they will hold up with me. I go through boots pretty quick. I talked to the sales lady in the shoe dept, and she said I could take them back after a month if I am not satisfied. That's not bad, but I want my next pair of boots to last me like the previous pair I had. (I bought them in 2001 for some Alaska trip, any body remember that?) That pair cost about $120. But they lasted me until last October. I justify the sunglasses because I drive for work every day. I have had polarized sunglasses before and really like them . They help out a lot. It's like having heated seats in your car, once you have them it is hard to go back to the regular stuff. It's not much of a choice really money wise it is almost the same, but I tend to take too much time making the decision.

So what should I do?

A.Buy some cheap sunglasses and suck it up about driving a lot and buy the nice Boots with the zipper

B.Buy the nice sunglasses because it is nice having them because you drive so much and get the Wal-mart boots that might work out you can can always take them back after a month.

C. Stop dwelling on such a stupid decision, just buy what you want, you know you going to anyway.

D.Your wife is going to chime in soon, just be safe and do what she says...


Anonymous said...

I vote for the boots. Sunglasses aren't that expensive, are they?
Aunt N

crystal said...

Boots. Most definately boots. Never buy cheap boots. Never a good deal.
oh,, and... the dollar store has sunglasses.

Stephanie said...

In case you are wondering what I think....

Good boots! sunglasses never make it over a year around here. They either get lost or a kid breaks them. Cheap sunglasses are the way to go!