Wednesday, January 2, 2008

From zero to seven.

I'm back at the office, our weekend went well, The kids had a good time too and got the plethora of presents. Went to see a movie with my brother ans his wife at a movie theater. We don't get to do that very often. We saw p.s. I love you. I know, I know, it's a chick flick, you can see that coming a mile away, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do...all kidding aside, I think going to a chick flick is ok , because on the other end, she really wants to see your favorite Terminator 12 movie like she wants a colon cleanse. Anyway I did like this movie. I like Harry Connick Jr too. He was in it and pretty funny.

So, it is 2008 and I will try to not get bogged down by all the media coverage about the elections this fall. The Iowa caucus is coming up, and in my opinion way too early, but we shall see how everything pans out.

I don't have any new years resolutions, I could go down a list of projects I want to get done this year, but that would bore you to tears.

Our new chickens (speaking of projects) are putting out 7 eggs day now, from zero to 7 isn't too bad. We have 14 hens, so if production continues to increase I will be giving away eggs to everyone I meet.

I got my brother two pairs of socks for Christmas. Two pair you say? Just two pair? what kind of tight wad are you? You ask. Well one that gives quality, not quantity. This morning my Mother in law puts here geo prizim into a small ditch, It had snowed probably 4 inches and she slid into the ditch. Paul and I go out to pull her out and we did the job ( It was fun too, I pulled the Geo out of the ditch, then up a small hill with my Subaru) and during my drive home, I though to myself, man my feet are cold, then I realized I had on a crappy pair of socks and my boots were soaked. so I need to pay attention to what I put on my feet in the morning. Any way, I got my brother two pair of nice wool synthetic Carhartt socks. They are nice. I would buy them for me too.

Here is a pretty funny , don't try this at home, video.


Stephanie said...

Only four today...maybe they don't like snow.

Scribbit said...

If it's got Harry Connick Jr. I may have to see it--we did the National Treasure thing with the kids yesterday and it's been so long since we'd taken everyone to a movie I was floored by what it cost. We could have bought a car instead!

delilah said...

I told Jake I want to see that movie. Do you guys want me to start saving my egg cartons? When my dad was visiting he suggested that I should to that. So...if you need me to, let me know. I go through a lot of eggs.