Friday, January 11, 2008

The Farm Gets a Name

Oh the ins and outs of dealing with the state government! Makes me glad we don't actually own any land here. Let Papaw figure all this stuff out! ;) He spent the day yesterday trying to straighten out the property tax valuation for the 100 Acre Wood, and the vehicle registration for his dump truck. Talk about the run around! Luckily he did talk to a few people who were very helpful, and though not much is actually resolved, he knows the hoops that need jumping through to resolve the issues.

Anyway in all of that he had to give the farm an official name. The farm is now legally Mil-Ton farm. Mil for Miller and Ton for Appleton. Ah, but unless you know the area where we live you won't get the joke. One of the nearest towns is named Milton. Clever play on words isn't it?

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delilah said...

That's funny. Are you guys going to get one of those fancy estate signs for the end of the driveway since you have an official name??? BTW...we are visiting this weekend.