Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas present/ Sunglasses rant

I don't wear a watch. I want both of my arms to weigh the same. ( Mitch Hedberg joke) It seems to me there almost like sunglasses to me. I can't seem to keep them around for very long. If I did want to wear a watch then I would want to wear a Girard Perregaux. But since the website doesn't give you the price, then I think it is a bit out of my price range, just guessing. I would probably lose it in a week any way according to my wife who wants me to go buy cheap $5-$10 pair of sunglasses that won't fit your face comfortably, aren't polarized to eliminate the glare when driving, save my eyes for later on when I am 80 I can see three feet in front of me. Her arguments are that I will spend too much on something that wont last long, something that I will lose. The last pair of sunglasses I had lasted me for a year. I think if I pay $20.00 -$40.00 a year for sunglasses, t is not a bad investment, for crying out loud I am paying $4000 a year for health insurance that I don't don't touch! I bought a $19.99 pair of sunglasses from campmor, and when I got them the lens popped out so I returned them. Steph said, and I agreed, that they were too small for my face. So what ever, Who's right?? I wouldn't mind having this pair of sunglasses and I like this watch but I wouldn't but it for me for Christmas.

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