Friday, November 16, 2007

Work Perks

I have complained that I have too much work to do. Yet I enjoy my work. I work for a company that treats me well, and in turn expects a lot in return. I have only worked for two companies that have treated their employees well, and expected them to work in return. UPS and Kerr's Music World. UPS was a labor union environment where the employees were constantly walking on eggshells to not do anything that would get them fired. When I worked there I belonged to the mechanics union, while the drivers and package handlers belonged to a different union. I myself did not care about being in a union, (That is another post in its self.)
I worked to get help the entire company towards its goal. In other words, I helped the packages move to their destination. I just happened to be the guy washing the trucks after they had come in. When the packages started to fall off the conveyor belt they would be in my way ( I could run over them, get them wet, etc) I would pick them up and put them back on the belt. Sounds pretty straight forward huh? Well to the package handler guys if I were to do their work, I would get yelled at, because it is taking away from their pay, and I would hear it from the mechanic who said it wasn't my job to do that(remember, I am in the same union) I was supposed to concentrate on washing trucks, etc.... I thought this was asinine( look that one up Kellen.) I kept on doing it because they were in my way... The supervisors didn't complain because the packages moved faster and got out on time, the goal of the business, imagine that.

Everyone there worked hard, and let me tell you they get paid very well for the work they do. and they go the benefits as well. Free health insurance, vacations nice overtime wages,just to name a few.

Kerr's Music World ( you can see the picture of my big boss there as well)is a bit more relaxed than that. I find that my number one goal is to take care of the customer( I know elementary) but it also takes a lot of work to do that here. but I get taken care of as well, company car, telephone, Bluetooth headset, nice things that make it easier to do my job. I also get paid a nice commission. I got a Christmas bonus (last year) after only working there for less than a month. The big boss trusts us to do what we have to do. He keeps his eye on things but gives us leeway in order to let us (me) learn. Someone said when you find a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life. It just might be that way for me.

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crystal said...

UPS sounds like the insanity they have going on at the post office. Chris and I both worked there at 2 different times. You got a grievance if you worked too hard, you got a grievance if you helped someone, you got a grievance if you did the job better than another person. If you tried to ask a question you'd get shrugged shoulders because they didn't WANT you to do well. If you filed grievance on the wrong person, said person would come down on you until you "went postal". It was a horrible work environment.
Hate,hate, hated that place!