Monday, November 12, 2007

Stupid Dog

Our dog Pac (short for Pac Man) is really a lot of fun. When he was a puppy he was so hyper, and got into everything. He did not listen, growled and jumped on people and was just too rough with the kids.

Now he is two years older, and really has turned into a good dog. He takes a lot of sitting on a rough housing from the kids, especially the two youngest. He seems to have figured out which animals belong here, and leaves them alone. He does chase off other animals, and according to the neighbor caught a wild rabbit the other day. He chase the deer off, but only until they are out of his territory. He has been a good companion for the kids.

He still does have one flaw. He growls and barks like crazy at strangers. I guess I should be glad for that, but when it is the UPS guy, and the dog won't back off it is embarrassing. I go out and tell the driver, "The dog really is a big baby. He doesn't bite." You can see it on the drivers face that he thinks I'm nuts and doesn't trust this dog at all. I get my package and the truck drives off with the dog right at his door barking. I'm sure the driver feels like the dog is going to jump right in the truck and bite him. One of these days we aren't going to be here, or it will be a new driver and they are going to hit the dog with some mace or whatever self defense products they carry.

Overall Pac is a good dog. I guess I should be happy he still barks at strangers, though his bark is tough, there is no bite. For goodness sake the cats chase him around the yard!


Scribbit said...

Sounds like the best kind of dog there is, though I've never been a dog lover. Shocking, I know and I'm sure it's a huge character flaw but there it is. My kids beg for animals and I, the Wicked Witch of the North, tell them no.

Mandy said...

Buddy was hyper too! Now he is very protective of the whole family. Sometimes he doesn't even let Mom go up the stairs in the morning if the kids are up there. He sits right on the middle step and won't move! I wouldn't know what to do without him.