Friday, November 9, 2007


I didn't know that November was Alzheimer's Awareness Month. I don't usually follow those things, but it caught my eye, this morning the guys at work were talking about nursing homes and how he goes once a week to have church with the old folks there. I thought that was nice, he doesn't have to do this, but he does. I worked at a nursing home for almost four years, before I moved to West Virginia. I enjoyed my job a lot. I interacted with people every day, ranging from 20 years old to 100 years old, and it was fun. Remember this is the way I am wired, I don't think I could go very long with out talking (see offspring number 1). To interact with people all day every day, is not considered work at all. All I would have to do is sit down with some there at the home and ask "What were you doing in 1930?" and I wouldn't have to say another word for thirty minutes. I would see some of those folk later on and they would have no memory asking me who I was, and where I was from. I'd remind them that I worked there, and I see them every day. Don't get the wrong idea, my job at the nursing home was a lot of responsibility and I just didn't sit and talk to the old folks there every day (although I did have one or two regular stops everyday). I had to put in a lot of hours. It takes a lot of work from many people to give good quality care in a nursing/assisted living environment. You have to work hard to convince me to put my relatives into one. So I saw that is was Alzheimer's Awareness Month and it got me thinking about the nursing home and how I enjoyed it. Even though I had to hire/fire people, and be the boss over people who were both younger and much older than I am. I did make a good friend who later on, gave me his bow as a going away gift, when I moved down to West Virginia. Working at the Nursing home is an experience I valued highly and will not forget(sorry about the pun) . Go to the Alzheimer's site to learn more. Also, don't forget to to do some holiday gift shopping here also. All proceeds benefit the Alzheimer's Foundation of America. So you know your money is going to a good cause.

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Phelan said...

My grandmother suffers from it. She has sundowners rather badly. But the meds seem to be working.