Thursday, November 29, 2007

Movie night?

Michelle over at Scribbit posted the 13 worst movies ever (in her opinion) yesterday, and as you could have guessed stirred up some pretty good comments. From OMG! That was the best movie ever! How could you hate that! To total agreement. You'll have to scoot on over there to read them yourself. Anyway I was thinking about how much movies are geared toward your emotions Beaches, Pride and Prejudice, When Harry met Sally etc. (women) To everything visual (men) any scifi movie you can think of. Shoot 'em up etc. I could post my list of worst movies ever, but I would have to balance them with my favorite. My favorite is Tombstone ( Shoot 'em up) and my least so far Elmo is Grouchland That's the best I could think of, sorry.

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Scribbit said...

I can't handle Elmo in any form, it's that stupid third person thing he does.

Haven't seen Tombstone--though I loved Silverado (cheesy but great). Lonesome Dove was good. Though both were a little more emotional--as you pointed out.

delilah said...

Okay...first - I can't stand that dumb Elmo movie. I made the mistake of buying the DVD for $1 a while back. Dumb Dumb Dumb. Next, I would like to tell you two of the worst movies I ever paid to see: Snow Falling on Cedars (I love Ethan Hawk but the movie was a snoozer) & Boogie Nights (everyone RAVED about his movie and it even won awards - I just don't understand!).

crystal said...

Tombstone, hands down, all time favorite western type movie. I also loved The Outlaw Josey Wales, Legends of the Fall (hello, have you met my younger child? his name is [i]Tristen?[/i] LOL), Once Upon a Time in the West, and a River runs through it. I love too many funny movies to list or count. Not a fan of action movies or "chic flicks".
I'm pretty sure that Elmo is actually Beelzebub. Hell will be frought with giant screens blaring Elmo's World.