Friday, October 12, 2007

continuing on the killing trend

For my 400th post I will continue talking about my killing tendencies. Why? you ask? Because deer season starts tomorrow. Bow season that is. and I am very excited about it. I have been so busy with work that it has come upon me so quickly I feel very ill prepared. the weather is good for hunting down here right now. It is has been a high of 55 degrees, and a low of 40 something. If it is like this tomorrow morning, I will be out there looking.....I did sight in my crossbow yesterday. This year I am trading with a friend that is having shoulder issues, and I will have a compound bow instead of the cross bow. I am not naive in thinking that it will take a couple of times to shoot the thing and be accurate. Things are finally slowing down at work now and I am on a regular schedule. I have one more parent meeting to go. So with that in mind, I should be posting here on a more regular basis.

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