Sunday, October 14, 2007

Archery Season Day One - One Deer in the Freezer

Yesterday was the first day of archery season and chalk up one deer for the freezer. It was a small one, about the size of Jake's last year for those of you who know, but small or not it is free meat for the freezer. The small ones are more tender anyway!

Now the freezer has rabbit and deer meat. We really are hoping to be able to provide all of our own meat. We will be butchering three chickens, and maybe a duck yet this fall also. The rabbit we would use in the place of chicken. The meat is very similar. The deer would be our red meat. We hope to have goat too, but that will be awhile.

The meet from our land is not only economical, but it really is better for you. Rabbit and deer are low in fat, and we don't have to worry about what the animal was fed, or injected with, or how the meat was processed. Lately I've been thinking about how rabbit is such easy livestock to have, and that it would be easy for the city homesteader to raise too. Maybe I'll post about that another day.

Talking about healthy eating makes me think of coconut oil. Have you heard about this health food craze? You can buy it from health food stores like, garden of life. Supposedly it is very good for you, and actually helps you lose weight. Friends of ours from Akron have tried it. There are books and everything on the subject. Seems weird to eat oil to lose weight!

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crystal said...

I had always heard that you'd starve eating rabbit because it had a very low nutritional factor. Now of course I know better. It has a very high protien level compared to it's fat and calories!