Sunday, August 26, 2007

Who Wears the Slings in This Family?

We both do! We have used a baby sling for all our children. We used it some with the first, more with the second, and by the fourth were convinced that baby slings are necessary baby gear. Slings are great for fussy babies, and carrying babies in places that are too crowded for strollers or backpacks. We've used ours a lot as a secondary carrier when you want to put one child in the backpack carrier, but still need to carry another child. They are also great for nursing when you are out and about, but then of course, it would only be the mom who wears the sling in the family.

We have had several types of slings over the years. This great sling, that our 18 month old is in, is made by Slinglings. It is a pouch style sling with a small bit of padding on the inner rail for the baby's legs. The pouch slings are great because they are very compact, portable, and comfortable.

There is a learning curve when using a sling. It can take a few tries to feel comfortable with the carrying positions. Slinglings includes the best instruction book I've seen yet. It is colorful and gives step by step instructions, with pictures, on how to position your baby in the sling.

Slings can be used from birth until the baby is about 35 pounds. If you have never used a sling before, and have a child this age, you should try it. We would be lost without ours.


crystal said...

I wore a sling with both of my kids but couldn't wear it as long as ya'll have with little piggy toes there! T1 was 40lb before his first birthday!
We missed ya'll at Carter Caves yesterday! It was SOOOO COOOL!

delilah said...

Just yesterday I was talking about sling wearing and this guy said..."Jake doesn't wear a sling does he?" it was unmanly. And here you are wearing a pink must be very secure in your manhood. Either way, I can't wait to inspect that sling in person since I've only ever seen my own "pouch" creations.

Joanna said...

You guys chose the same pattern sling as I did! I really like it!

Alas, no children in my household yet, so I'm giving mine away this week. Good to see a guy babywearing, too!