Saturday, August 25, 2007

Back sawing logs again

I don't mean sleeping either. I am literally sawing logs. Paul and I have gotten up early in the morning the past couple of days to saw lumber to finish up siding the house. He actually sides the house,I go off to work after about an hour and a half. We were reflecting on how long it has taken to finish the exterior of the house. I think we started roofing it in late October and siding it in the winter sometime. So it has taken a while, but in the time we have done many other projects too. It is Saturday morning and I have to go to work today our store is open on Saturdays. I take Friday off usually. Yesterday we sawed lumber and then Steph and I went to deliver a horn to a school, and went on a mystery shop at a department store. It was fun. there is a lot of things that you need to remember when shopping. names of employees, a lot of details that you wouldn't notice if you were just on a regular visit. We had to go to the electronics dept but there wasn't any Dell Memory cards. Then we had lunch at Applebee's we also reflected on how nice it was to have a waitress. We had to wait at least an hour before returning a piece of merchandise. It went well. After that we rented The Lord of the Rings because Kellen was able to watch the movie after finished the books, and then we picked up 900lbs of feed, and then stopped by the grocery store for a few things. It took about 5 hours I think. That was my day off. I have to go to work and finish up the things I didn't get done Thursday.
Nolan can now dress himself completely. It is a great thing when I don't have to do things for him. We just have to work on that wiping thing....

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