Thursday, August 30, 2007

What is the Fascination?

Growing up in Amish country gives you a different perspective of that area. The way Berlin Ohio has grown is absolutely amazing. In different places we've lived people have raved about going to visit the Amish, and how much they loved it. It is hard to understand for someone who grew up dodging "road apples" while bike riding, following buggies at an excruciatingly slow pace up hills while driving, and regularly being around people who spoke a language you didn't understand.

It is still hard to understand the fascination with the Amish; they really are just people like you and I, but after not living there for many years, I can appreciate the the desire to visit the area. It is lovely there with the beautiful rolling hills, and a patchwork of farming fields. I could see how finding a nice Bed and Breakfast to stay at in the area for the weekend could be a wonderful and relaxing get away.

If I want to "see the Amish" I'll just stop by the relatives house.

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