Saturday, August 18, 2007

Metal horseflies and bees

I had the day off yesterday. Kellen and I gathered up all the metal we had stored away and took it down to the recycling center and they paid us $49.50. It was less than Kellen expected, but I didn't expect more than $100. We then went to Harbor freight and purchased a rolling magnet to go over the driveway and "yard" with. Made one last stop at Speedway to get two free sandwiches and drinks with my points and we came back home.

I then replaced the front brakes and rear shocks in the pos van. After Paul came home from work we started to run more fence fro the goats, pigs and sheep. They have sufficiently cleared out the three acres we fenced in for them two months ago. While we were walking around and one horsefly continued to bother me the entire afternoon in the woods. I was getting mad. but he went away after a while. We brought the bulldozer out and started to clear some brush for the fence. If you have never seen it work, you have to experience it It is quite the sight pushing over trees and literally pushing dirt around. I never tire of seeing it.We quit when it got too dark to see, and the dozer was losing power (We think Nolan opened the fuel tank and put dirt down it.) During the walk back up the cleared path, I thought I felt that horse fly get me on the neck, I started swatting it away and the realized from the 10 other stings it wasn't the a horsefly. When the bulldozer cleared that path it uncovered a yellow jacket nest that I happen to stand right on top of, and they let me know it too. It was a sight to see, I was dancing ans screaming right up the hill. Paul was laughing, but I would have laughed too.I have never gotten stung that many times before. Ever. I only get stung maybe once a year. I feel better today, they burn for a while. There's the exciting news happening on the 100 acre farm, Stephanie actually had a week where she didn't have to do anything apart form running the house and didn't have to be anywhere. A welcome rest this week.

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Cheryl said...

I've tagged you. See my blog for details.

crystal said...

I got tangled up in a yellow jacket nest one time, on the FOURTH OF JULY! wow, it' hurt so bad!
Glad it's not so bad today! When I was out at the Perry's the other day picking queen anne's lace (thanks Stephanie!) I ended up beating the tar outta all of my plants by using them as "cow tails" trying to keep the horseflies off of us!
They're bad this year I think!

Stephanie said...

Metal horseflies? WOW :)

Too bad no one had the camera! :)