Friday, August 31, 2007

Another busy week.

Well I thought I was going to post a lot today being that I am in the office. on a Friday. But we have been busy, and I haven't got the chance to until now. Keeping you up on the farm notes....

The double wide siding is almost finished. It is just the two ends and that is almost done. Yesterday, I was treating Patti, one of our goats, for hoof rot. When I was in trying to get her, I brought in a bucket o' feed to lure her in, and all the others, of course, the ram had to come too, they're a bunch of pigs I tell you that. not goats, or sheep. pigs. Anyway the ram ( they don't call them rams for nothing you know.) comes in too you have to picture this now, a bucket of feed in one hand and the rope in the other, trying to lure lure this old goat to me and the 8 others trying to get the bucket o' feed... then all of a sudden... bam! The ram butts right in the small of my back, It pissed me off more than it hurt, but today it is hurting. I had to take some Iboprophen it was that bad. I might take some more when I get home. So that was that. Here is some more for your entertainment. If you want some more entertainment you could check out some fashion jewelry

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