Friday, June 15, 2007

What did I say?

I stayed up until 12am last to watch the cavs get stomped again. I don think they really go hammered though as every one is saying. they just didn't make any shots. Nobody stepped up, and yes, the spurs are that good. I am not saying they aren't. I am saying the cavs got shellacked either way. did I predict them to win?!? I didn't think it would be this quick, but nevertheless, they made it to the finals, and they have never done that before.

I am still in control of the blogs here in blog land, I have been posting over at Stephanie's blog too so check that out I think it is hilarious that she has no Internet at home, I wonder how long it will take her to stay at the office one day... What comes around goes around, I guess I better be careful about what I spout off about around here!

Another thing I shot Linda's father's old 12 gauge the other day, and I was pretty nervous. I didn't know what was going to come out of that thing. but I took it to Dick's and had it checked out and everything worked OK. I was letting the kids shot the .22 the other night and they asked me the difference between the two guns I had, I replied" that is a great questions, let me show you." So I brought it out and shot it. I warned the kids that is is going to be much louder than the .22 short rounds they were shooting. the younger two (N& L) smartly put their hands over their ears, but the older kids thought they were too cool to protect theirs so, when I shot it, I saw three pairs of hand shoot up so quick it was too funny! It was too funny too that I was so nervous, I completely missed the target! but oh well, I think I will shot it again, it was loud!
oh btw, the gun is a .12 guage that has W.T.F etched in the stock, and another guy's initals and 1920 etched on the other side. I think is it pretty neat that I am shooting a gum that Walter T. Franks shot back when he was raising his kids and running his farm. His sister still comes down to visit every so often, her name is Hazel, she is 91 years old.


Anonymous said...

What are the other initials?

Also, can Steph prepare her blog entries at home and then ask you to post them when you go to work?

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

I forgot what they are I can look when I get home. I know the first one is J. She could write them, but what fun would that be!

Stephanie said...

The other initials are JSE