Monday, June 18, 2007


Gosh, this weekend went really fast! Jake and Delilah came down for the Ona speedway NASCAR thing, Saturday morning we sawed about 5 logs I think we lost track. and then I buried my chicken coop ( 2"-4" around the perimeter)so what ever is trying to get into it won't. I have tried trapping the thing, but he gets in and get the bait with our setting the trap. My last ditch attempt will have to be electric fence... We have buried it like I said , and we also put logs around the perimeter, and staked it, so the thing can't roll the logs back to start digging. We will see, we lost two chicks to that thing (I think it is a raccoon, or a weasel, we don't know).

Sunday we went out to lunch for father's day which was nice. Our church service goes long after lunch (12:30) so the whole family is starving by the time we get to the restaurant, Nolan and Vivian are ready for a nap. So it can be quite the circus.

I have retired from writing on Steph's blogs as of now, so I can get back to work.

Paul and Linda decided to build their deck off the front of their house that will be the project o' the week. I'll try to keep everyone in the loop, that's it for now.

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Stephanie said...

Dad almost has the goat shelter finished. I believe the deck is next!