Friday, June 1, 2007

My Wife the writer....

My wife is now officially a writer. No really. She is writing articles for a financial ezine here.

If you want to read here article click here. If you have been reading her long enough, you will agree with me, that she is a fine writer and will continue to succeed in anything she does. {Man, I glad I married her.}
Go Cavs! I am excited to see the Cavaliers winning. It is really weird to me to see northeast Ohio teams winning, I know it is a shock. It may be the same year for the Tribe too. Who knows they are very good also...I am ticked off that national TV won't broadcast any games until the Finals. I am stuck down here in BFEWV and I haven't seen any games at all this year, only the highlights on if I am lucky enough to see that. I might be better off I guess. I just got telling somne one they are better off turning that death box (otherwise know as the TV) off, it would better off any way.

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Phelan said...

I agree, she is a fine writer. Do you think we embarrassed her enough with her debut today?