Monday, June 4, 2007

busy weekend and some links

This weekend we went to the Lucasville flea market and I had a lot of fun. The kids did really well It was really hot ans they got so dirty. It was really dusty, and dry, and hot (any other words you can put here would work). We came out with 6 goats, and 12 pullet hens (chickens). however we woke up this morning and everyone of those chickens got out this morning. Stephanie was really down about the whole thing. I just got a voicemail saying one of them has come back. so things are looking up. We will see. I am going to Dick's to buy some .22 ammo, because my dog has treed two raccoons every night this past week. I need the target practice anyway.

Did you happen to catch the national spelling bee finals? We watched about an hour and then the kids went to bed and I watched the rest. The winning word was serrefine. The winner is home schooled, and get this: he doesn't even like the spelling bee. He likes math and music better. He is in the bee because he has to. I love his parents already. Asked whether he liked the bee more now that he's won it, Evan said: "Are you saying I'm supposed to like it more? Yeah, I do a little bit." You can see the consolidated word list here.

On that note, here is a list of words that every high school grad should know. BTW, I didn't know all of these words either.

Oh, and I am back on eBay.


Stephanie said...

Kellen caught the chicken and put her back in the pen. He said he plugged the hole. I'm going out to see. I'm wondering if any of them are out there some place else?

Glad to see some ebay stuff again!

Anonymous said...

Great finds at the flea market! Aargh, those chickens! No tips there.
We watched part of the spelling bee, too, and really enjoyed it. Interesting to see how the kids tried to "get a bead" on the word even when they obviously didn't know it.
Aunt Nancy

crystal said...

We love love love the Lucasville Flea market. Haven't gone lately tho.
Be sure and post a picture of your coop 'cuz I'm looking for ideas on one the kids and I can build. We're gonna get a few buffs as soon as we get somewhere for them to roost.
The word list? eh,,, I given context clues I could probably figure out what about 30% of them mean. Pretty sad eh? Looks like a great spelling word list for next year tho!