Friday, June 22, 2007

Apollo 13

I am so busy at work that I got a minute to watch the Space shuttle land from its mission this afternoon. It is still exciting to watch. I watched it here. It reminds me when I watch Apollo 13 every time that rocket launches with the music and everything I cry every time. I know I weird. speaking of rockets , Kellen and Miles are building their own model rockets and are excited to launch them, they wanted to launch them right out side in the middle of the woods, but I had them think it through. I will keep you updated and hopefully film it also.

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larry Hammons said...

Great!! I am weird too! It is amazing how things work out. I met you in freecycle and we seem to have some same interest. I beleive in home schooling, recyeling and an alternative money system, a local currency if you will. I belong to litter-gitter and adopt a block. "We" have been cleaning the alley between the 5th and 6th street bridges, the entrance and exit ramps. We have gone above and beyond the picking up trash. We even weed eat the weeds, but there is talk that if we continue we will have to purchase liability insurance!! Jeez. do something positive and good for the city and some people have to gripe and complain! Liability? I guess we will have to drop out of the adopt a block and incorporate and CHARGE the several buisness along the block. Harts Corner has already given "us" $40. We will clean his lot also for that amount each month. If you have any freinds that would like to volunteer, bring them on!! I havent forgotten about the wood either!! My phone # is 942-4983. It is pre-paid so dont leave a message. I will call yuo back!! Be Blessed!! Larry H.