Saturday, June 9, 2007

100 things about me

Here are a couple things about me.
  1. I am 6'2". It can be stretched to 6'3"if it needs to be, but honestly, I am closer to 6'2".
  2. I moved to West Virginia not from WV.
  3. I live on about 100 acres wood. hence the name 100 acre wood
  4. I subscribe to PC Magazine (for free, of course)
  5. I work at a music store that sells band and orchestra instruments.
  6. I can play every thing that I sell. ( not well, have you, but I can play them)
  7. I am learning to homestead, and farm
  8. I have a collection of livestock up to about 19 if you include my in-laws stock
  9. My in-laws used to be Amish
  10. I like movies, not as much as my friend Mike Farist.
  11. My favorite is Tombstone.
  12. I like words, big words such as ubiquitous.
  13. I am the antithesis of my wife.
  14. We have 4 offspring.
  15. They are a good combination of both my wife and I.
  16. I {think} we are done having kids
  17. I rarely wear neck tie anymore.
  18. I drive a company car
  19. Wish to go off-grid when we build our new house.
  20. Almost addicted to Google
  21. Wish to build an underground house.
  22. I am not a tree hugger
  23. I leave an enormously large carbon footprint and love it.
  24. I practice a lot of tree hugging things around the farm
  25. I just shot a raccoon yesterday
  26. I like to shoot guns (did I mention I moved to WV?)
  27. I shot my first deer last fall. (some of him is still in the freezer)
  28. I don't think I have ever ridden a motorcycle.
  29. I got married when I was 18 years old.
  30. I am finished tell you things about me I thought I might get to 100, but alas, I have fallen short


Daisy said...

I am not an Appleton, but I live in a city named Appleton! I enjoyed your first 30. The other 70 will be fun to read!

crystal said...

I knew you were cool for some reason! Tombstone is my favorite too. Probably (I hope) for completely different reasons! LOL