Monday, May 28, 2007

Make it from Scratch

Although I do not have an entry this week to my wife's famous "Make It From Scratch"Number Four on this Google search, or if you want it to click on the first search result then you may click here. I am a part of her new blogroll called, let me guess... Make it from scratch! If you are a participant, then go there and make yourself known! You can see all of the people on my side bar!

This past weekend went fine, and I was wrong, no one got hurt, nothing was broken, and everything went smooth. None of the kids got enought sleep this weekend. Nolan was soooo wiped out. I can't believe he was sooooo Nolan. Times 1,000,000. Enough said there. You really have to know this kid to know what I am talking about. He was so fried. But he made it and was in bed at 5:30ish tonight and will sleep until 8 if we are lucky.

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Anonymous said...


It's Nick from Northwest. I have a suggestion for your sawdust. In Rowan County High School (Morehead KY) they heat their school on sawdust. mayby you can but some kind of furnace or heater that runs on sawdust for the winter time. You can also mix sawdust with used motor oil to use as a quick fire starter.

Just a few ideas!