Monday, April 30, 2007

Keeping up

Well I am trying to keep up with things that are happening around life. Two weeks ago the calf was born, and then Saturday night the foal was born. Saturday Paul and I cut and replaced about 7 locust posts for the fence. We had about twenty 6 foot posts to haul up the hill to the fence. and now we have to get them up and over the fence and into the trailer to put on the post pile. Let's just say that it was a lot of work. we only did the job halfway. and if you know Paul Miller, he rarely stops halfway through a job. I enjoyed it, because I look at all the work I do around the farm as exercise I don't get during the week. At my job, I sit in my van and drive most of the day, then it is behind a desk the rest. So bring on any work that requires hard labor, I will not complain. (I think we will have to haul manure out to the field where we will be planting corn.)
oh and this weekend Kellen and I finished the nest boxes for the bunnies and the Kellen made name tags for them. It looks good. I am sure Stephanie will post about it soon. Kellen has posted again. I think he posts about every week. today it is funny.

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