Saturday, March 31, 2007

Make it from scratch #2 Rabbit Hutch

I built a rabbit hutch from scratch.
Very much from scratch.

I did not do this all by myself of course. We started from Paul cutting the 2x4s , and all the lumber needed from our native trees. (he has a saw mill capable of cutting any size board from any tree you want.)

Here you can see my dad (the bald one) and my Paul putting the roof on here. The second hutch is the frame in the background.

He cut enough wood to build two hutches, because we are going to breed rabbits for Kellen to take to the fair, and then eat the rest. So after the wood pieces were cut, Paul nailed together the 2nd frame while I bent the wire cage and stapled it to frame number 1.

After that he cut the pieces for the roof. After the wire cage was set in place, The roof was nailed on, we stapled nice tar paper left over from the construction of our roof and then used the old roof from the deck Paul bought for the back of our house and viola, a nice rabbit hutch for our three does.

We started from plans found here. We modified it a bit, but really it is the same general idea. I put a divider in the middle with a door for convenience.

Here I am with Paul putting the finishing touches on the wire before the roof is nailed on.

Here is a better picture of how big it is:

and here is the picture with the real New Zealand rabbits.

If you are curious about total cost, minus the saw mill:

Bag o' Clips $4.24
Clip pliers $9.85
(to crimp the clips)
wire $15.98
for the floor
Wire $22.84
for the sides

Total $52.91

I didn't need to buy the wood, the staples, or the roofing supplies. The only thing I will need to buy for the 2nd hutch (these are rabbits remember) is the wire and that will only cost $38.82 for a grand total of $91.73 for the construction of 2 rabbit hutches 9 feet long, 30 inches wide and 30 inches tall.


Heather said...

These look a lot like the whelping pens we build for our dogs. I love the idea of using your own trees for lumber. Lumber is so expensive, so you saved a TON there! They look great!

Celeste said...

We had put an enclosed area in ours that had a door on it. It gave him some privacy. Very nice job!