Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New job

I have started a new job as of today. I am working at Kerr's Music World located in Huntington. My old job cut me to part time, so I was unable to work that out. Nothing exciting really, I have the same job description, and I call on some of the same schools. So it won't be that bad of a transition.

So in the meantime, when I haven't been working on the road, I (we) have been working on my roof. I think Stephanie posted some pics earlier, but you have to search for yourself. Even if you don't find the pictures you will enjoy her site(s). That's all for now. I will post pictures later when I am at home...


Stephanie said...

no I didn't post abou the roof. I thought you were doing that.

Anonymous said...

I saw pictures somewhere of the roofing! [Thanks, you guys, helps me to feel not so alone.;-)] Great to hear of the new job!
Aunt Nancy