Saturday, December 2, 2006

I think this is my computer....

OK SO I have the computer back. I think. It is loaded with GB out the wazoo. It came into the shop with 24 MB left on the hard drive and then left with a new hard drive (that makes two for us mathematically challenged) and almost 50 GB that's a lot for us right now. I am sure we will fill it up quickly. We do have an external Hard drive that has 80 GB To use for music and mostly pictures.

So over the past two weeks we have been without a computer, and let me tell you that is has been a welcome change. I did miss it but I did enjoy the time without it. I know that doesn't make sense, but I am sure you know what I mean. So let me try to remember a few things that we did while you were no particular order

  • Shot a deer
  • Butchered three deer ( mine was last)
  • Ate filet Mignon
  • got offered part time at work
  • Started to put a new roof on the house
  • the canopy blew off in a wind storm and ripped
  • watched a lot of movies
Pretty detailed part and it gets gory. if you have a weak stomach, or are a member of PETA, I would suggest you not read until It says 60llbs of meat
Ok I shot my first deer with my friends .12 gauge slug. I was sitting on a rock precipice and this spike buck walks right in front of me. All I had to do is wait for the thing to stop walking, which it did., and then I shot it. Knocking it right over. I unloaded my gun, climbed down from the rocks and watched it die. I thought it might died more quickly thatn it was. I looked it over for my shot and could not find it, so I loaded my gun with one shot just in case I grazed it some how and didn't kill it. I continued watching it while I took off my fanny pack getting ready to gut it. I looked over and this deer craned its neck around and looked me right in the eyes. I still didn't see where my shot went in So I shot it is the neck just to make sure. Now remember, this was my first deer I have killed so I am still a novice. My dad said if it wasn't shot the first time it would have jumped up by the time I climbed down and ran. If that would have happened, I would not have been a happy hunter. but it didn't I shot it twice. After I shot it in the neck, I saw that my fist shot went in just about the shoulder. It would have died with one shot, if I have been patient.

I got 60 lbs of meat from this thing and man was it ever worth it! Refer to my filet Mignon page for more of my excitement. Jake help butcher the thing and it took longer than I wanted it to but I had to stop and then continue the next day. Steph even boiled the leg and should bones down to get all the meat off the bone and get a broth (pretty hard core huh?) We need to get more than just one deer (Terry did shoot one before, so more that two I guess) in our freezer, but we started the on the roof, so it will have to wait but I wil shoot more as the year goes on.
We did have the filets, I will brag again. This was by far the best meat I have ever eaten.
NO Kidding.
Really it was fresh, and the best cut. Stephanie wrapped a piece of bacon around the 2 inch cuts and grilled them about 5 minutes on each side. They were grilled to perfection. I have found with deer, there are opinions everywhere and each opinion differs each time , so I Will tell you what we do, based on my friend( thanks Bill) who showed me how to butcher the thing.

Get the meat off the one right away. this is what makes it taste like beef, not some wild game that has been hanging off my tractor for a few days. If it hangs for very long, like two days or more, the meat starts to decompose and get the gamey taste. So don't let it hang. The flip side the longer it hangs the more tender it is, but I haven't had a problem yet. When we butcher it, I cut it off the bone like I am the one who is going to cook it. Most processing plants don't do that. I can make my own hamburger and jerky just as well and get great cuts of meat from it too.

Work is going OK, I have been offered part time,I don't like this option, but I don't have much to fall back on just yet. I have kept some options open , So I might get an offer from another company this week.(hopefully) We will see.

We have started on the roof this week, we are installing new rafters and creating a higher pitch. ( 4:1) Also replacing the shingles with metal roofing. It will look more like a regular house than a double wide by the tine we are finished with the roof and the siding.

Yesterday the wind was soo bad that it blew the canopy off the poles and ripped it in half. Paul went out and bought more pole and a temporary tarp to cover our stuff.

Stephanie has subscribed to the blockbuster online thing and then the netflix thing and got paid for how I forget how you can read it for yourself here.
So to get our money's worth out of these movies, we have gotten them in the mail watched them, then I would take the movies back to the store to exchange them for new ones and then once they scanned them into the computer at the store they would ship us the one next in our queue. and that went one for a month. I have seen decent movies and some pretty crappy ones too. After the Blockbuster free trail expired then she signed up for netflix. This one is only a 2 week trial, and there is no store to take them back to, so the movies won't be so plentiful.

I have a load of things to list on eBay too. I think that about sums it up. I know there is more to tell but I will remember it later and tell you then. ciao

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Anonymous said...

How did you learn how to cut the meat into the cuts we recognize for cooking? For example, to identify what makes filet mignon? I remember in Thailand, they would have meat hanging at the market, and you could just tell them what part you wanted, I think all for the same price. So if you knew your cuts, you could get a good deal. But I didn't know what I was looking at.
Aunt Nancy