Friday, December 29, 2006

#123 reason why I'm wierd

If you ask my wife "Do know anything about Nintendo Power magazines?" She would just roll her eyes in disgust. You see, we got married when I was 18. I had almost perfected the art of saving everything that I had received for the past 18 years. No kidding. I learned it as a little child, I'm sure. So anyway I was going through a box and came across this:
( well I don't have the picture up yet but I thought I'd share because I am bored.)
It is a picture of my plaque from the 6th grade winning a reading title or something or other.

Now you would ask why in the wide world of sports would he still have this?

Ths answer is "I have no idea."

on another thought click here to check out a picture of me smiling. Man, do I look old. Compared to when I was first married( 12 years Dec 31st). I know 30 really isn't, but It feels like I am starting into my prime. Kids are at a nice age, wife is still hot, good house, nice backyard, jobs aren't really hard to come by, things aren't too bad. Maybe i ought to go through and clean the rest of the box out.


Anonymous said...

I like this new template! Now, am I special because I have to click first on comments, then click on a link to post a comment? Or is my computer acting up? Don't you think facial hair makes a man appear older? Still waiting for the Nolan story . . .
Aunt Nancy

judeandelise said...

I do NOT like the new template...either I am going crazy or blind because it is all white. Stay away from the white light... Okay, enough about that - are you serious about the "announcement" or are you just kidding? I think I will call Steph.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

I sorry you don't like the new template. I don't see much white on this at all though...Try again. I am really kidding about the announcement..