Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Kellen had gone public

OK My oldest son has been posting on his blog for awhile now. Steph and I thought it might be appropriate to keep it private. but we have found this homeschooling thing where kid publish their blogs and what not so we thought he could have a go with it. So here it is enjoy. I am sure he is excited that many more people will be reading him.. He is 8. He sometimes doesn't give you any backround to what or why he is writing about. It is usually about school or what is happening on the far. but he is getting better.


judeandelise said...

Uh, I wonder where he gets his writing style from?????

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

He gets a lot more than his writing style from me, that's for sure. Do you see the time on this post? It is a bit early for my brain to function completely. I ought to read and proof read these things huh? I think I can blame it on the cordless keyboard we use. It doesn't type some letters that I type sometimes.