Tuesday, October 3, 2006


Switchfoot has a new album Oh! Gravity! coming out this Dec 26th. They have released some songs off the new album Here.

I have many other things to talk about. I am almost back to posting more often. Some things to look forward to:

1.Will the Oakland Raiders win a single game now that the Browns beat them? (Do you care?)
2.How do Triathlon athletes go to the bathroom while that are competing?
3.I am old? when did I miss the whole BIG SUNGLASSES thing?
4.You probably don't realize how many trailers I see burnt down the next week I drive my route for work.
5.Is it me, or is everyone talking about how bad the officiating is at college and pro games now a days?
6. Is myspace.com an absolute waste of time and energy?
7. Is TV coming out of the reality TV Era?

More to come..

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