Tuesday, July 25, 2006

CSI: Miami

well I have to admit we are TV heads. It really bad. We watch everything at 10pm almost everynight. We are not a windfall kinda people, but everyday besides that we watch whateveris on NBC at 10pm. Anyway CSI:Miami Is so funny. It is written so bad. and I can't stop watching it. David Caruso is so funny every time it is leading up to a commercial, he always hs the last line and either whips his sunglasses off, or puts them on saying something really dumb.I spend the hour laughing at them and counting how many times it happens. Last night was a slow night. It only happened three times. Once I counted 7 or 8. So there is our entertainment. sad but true. Steph and I will argue with each other on why it is sadly written, from all our experience watching Law and Order, and the other CSI. Miami is just bad.

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