Monday, June 5, 2006

Our small family

We went to the West Virginia Christian Homeschoolers conference on Saturday. It was pretty neat. You know there were your share of families with jean skirts and buttoned down collared shirts. But not everyone there was that conservative. Everyone there was really nice and willing to sit and talk to you about anything for as long as you want. The funny thing is that we were the smallest family there. Yeah you heard me right.I met people with 4,5, and 7 kids it was great we actually felt normal. We didn't get the surprised look when we said we had four kids. It was more like "wow, that's a great start." So anyway it was good, There were a lot of people who I would call "old school "homeschoolers. They would be the ones who went to jail when it was illegal to home school(back in the 80s) and refused to send their kids to public school. (I have a friend from work who has 5 children and he has homeschooled them all and he calls it Gov't schooling, I thought that was funny.) They are mostly older folk that are in their 50s. We fall into the category of taking homeschooling for granted. Stephanie and I also are different because their are not many parents who are certified teachers and still homeschool their kids. The weekend went well and fast. Today we are going to Portsmouth to look at the murals. They have a flood wall because it is right along the Ohio river and they have painted huge mural on them that go for about a mile long showing the history of the Ohio valley and the city. Then we are going to see a teacher and the new Portsmouth High school eat our packed lunch and head home. It is only about an hour away so it makes for a nice day trip. I will post the pictures later.


Anonymous said...

Are you on vacation? What's your job like when school is not in session?
Aunt Nancy

Stephanie said...

I believe there was also a family of 11 there. I felt like I was a an Amish family reunion! Only everyone was speaking English :)