Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tuesday at the Movies

So It decided to get hot this week overnight and I worked in the heat all day memorial day doing some roofing. Tuesday we decided to go sit in the A/C and watch a movie. We saw Over the Hedge at 1:45. We got there and we were the only ones in the theater to see that movie.( there wasn't many others either) It was kind of nice. We sat where ever we wanted to and we didn't have to worry about Nolan running away, pre talking about the previews( again btw why do they show previews for a Christmas movie in MAY?!? It was something about Santa Claus and Tim Allen (Argh argh argh) It was an ok movie there were parts I laughed at. The excitement didn't start until after the movie finished. Which brings me to a thought. Are we being frugal or lazy if we stay and watch the entire credits and then leave or are we too lazy that we can't get up out of our seats that fast.

Anyway, during the credits, Nolan pooped, and then Vivian pooped and blew out here diaper(dumb disposable) got it all overeach leg of Stephanie's shorts. Vivian did not have another outfit in the diaper bag, so whe went without. I took Nolan to the bathroom barefoot (Thinking Lydia Picked up his shoes) to get changed and then didn't have a new wrap for Nolan's diaper, So he went without one, just in his shorts. Went back into the theater to get Nolan's shoes that I left, (Lydia didn't pick them up) tore the other two from the shoot 'em up arcade games tha Kellen swears works with out money and the Nolan runs striaght out the doors into the parking lot and does a face plant on the sidewalk giving him a bloody nose. If you are picturing this, add in it is 90 degrees out and we don't have ac in the van. So there. That was our Tuesday. We still haven't decided whether or not to stop having kids...


Anonymous said...

Well, I see you've got the pooping synchronized now!
And, sounds like taking twice as many diapers as you could possibly need, and a change of clothing for everyone(!) isn't a bad idea. (Just carry a suitcase into the movies and grocery store, etc.)
Seriously, I'm glad you did get to enjoy the movie without hassles. I have finally stopped laughing, so I will say: Oh dear, you two are brave souls.
Aunt Nancy

Anonymous said...

That is sooooo living life to the full. Awesome!!