Monday, June 19, 2006

My Father's day present

So yesterday I woke up to rice pancakes and bacon.(They are really good and a nice way to use you leftover rice. click here for the recipe.)Slept in too. I didn't have to play at church that morning. The kids got me a nice, funny card with a tattoo. I thought it was funny. After church Paul and Linda took the older two to a Single A minor league baseball game in Charleston that AEP puts on every year. Man what a nice Father's day gift then to take half your kids away for a while. Stephanie and The younger two went to Quaker Steak and Lube for lunch and that was nice too. I recommend splitting a bucket with the Buckeye BBQ and the Louisiana Licker sauce. Both have a great taste and the Buckeye BBQ is hot, but sweet and has a good, hot exit.(Meaning it gets hotter as you breathe out after you swallow your bite. There are three different ways to judge the sauce and the wings. Entrance, taste and exit.) Both sauces have a great all three. The Louisiana Licker is not hot, therefore you can enjoy eating the wing and not get your mouth a'blazen while you eat. So after we ate, we took a nice drive down Corridor G and then took Rt. 3 north back home. It was a nice scenic drive. We then rented 16 blocks with Bruce Willis. It was a good rental. We would not usually pay to watch a movie we don't know anything about. But we did go see Cars earlier this week. That was funny. "Them tractors is so dumb."
So it was a good day. Here's a pic of my Tattoo....

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