Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Copperhead snakes

Yesterday while replacing my heat pump we uncovered a copperhead snake. To me, it was very exciting. I have never seen one before and I always look forward to seeing any wild life that I haven't seen before. Especially snake and reptiles and any other things that boys like. We decided we should kill the one we see near our houses and leave the others we see(if we ever do) in the forest alone.
Before anyone freaks out, Let me share with you that while Copperheads are poisonous, and have the highest number of recorded bites in the U.S., The bites are not fatal and can be treated easily. You need to get the bite treated right away as common sense tells you too. But they are not aggressive (the one we encountered was not aggressive at all) and will only bite when you antagonize it. We did kill the one we saw yesterday, and no one was hurt. I showed the older kids (after it was dead) and told them why we don't mess with snakes even though we have black snake and they are not poisonous, etc.

And we have a snake bite kit at our house in case we ever need it.

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isunshine said...

One time when I was very young I ran right past a copperhead snake that my family was yelling at me not to come near. I didn't even notice it. It didn't bite me. I don't think that they will do much of anything unless they are provoked.