Monday, May 22, 2006


Alright the summer's just starting and I am excited to be living where I am at. I think there is nothing better than to live in the woods and live off the land. We are wanting to live off the land more than we are but it is not a priority that we get a garden in. Stephanie has even been borrowing Books from the library that tell us what plants we can eat and what is actually in our woods. That's fun I think. And cheaper too. Today's Monday and I am tired. This past weekend I played auto mechanic. I like doing that occasionally, it 's cheaper too then going to the garage. I did enough car work that the black underneath my fingernails won't go away for another week or so. And My elbows are still greasy. I heard Jake has bruises from laying on his back to much...That's all for now.

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Anonymous said...

So what are you finding to eat in the woods of West Virginia's bounty?
Aunt Nancy