Thursday, May 18, 2006


Ok we have talked about this a little bit and came to the conclusion that we should wait until at least 6 months to really make a rational, logical, level headed decision. So last night I ask my wonderful wife, " Hey are we done?" and she replies, "Hmm...I don't know..."

I don't know!?!

I don't know?!?!

Man is she crazy or what? but then I think I don't think 5 would be so bad. but then if we have 5 we have to have 6 to make it even.


Stephanie said...

I said that last night when we were out to dinner with only one child! If he would have asked this afternoon the answer would have been. NO WAY! NO HOW! :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Be of good courage. Grandpa and Grandma had 14; Uncle Abe and Ada had 16. Cheaper by the dozen? (I know, I should talk!)
Aunt Nancy

Jenn said...

I was one of 5 kids, and it was great (although I don't know how my mom stayed sane-then again, she is a little kooky) we always had someone to fight with and play with and we were rarely lonely or bored. Sharing a bathroom with 3 other girls sucked as a teen though (my poor brother was totally out of luck-the only boy, the exact middle child and half of a set of fraternal twins. . . )