Tuesday, January 31, 2006

names please

Ok Give me names people. The book is inhibiting the name choosing. and Delililah gave me her picks ...sorry Obed has come up in conversation and that's about it. So, if you choose, give us suggestions on names. Our currentoffspring includes: Kellen, Lydia, and Nolan. We don go bob or john or chris, but we don't go Jameriqai either.
So here's D's

BOYS: Levi, Holden, Gideon, Ichabod (just kidding about that one), Obediah (oh you guys LOVED it when Jake suggested it for our child!)Ranen (bible), Sachiel (another cool bible name), Zane, or BrynnGIRLS: Willow, Violet, Sage, Ruby, Kezia, Jael (an awsome Bible story...look it up!), Iva, Ila, Chayil (Steph told me about this name along time ago. It is the word God uses to describe a virtous woman...there is a group called that at the Chapel!)Okay, I know you said it would be a waste of space but I had to give me two cents. I love baby names.


judeandelise said...

I think you are wrong...Sachiel Appleton sounds great. I love that name. Zane is a hebrew name that means God's grace. Zane Appleton is smooth AND the kid will have a z & a for initials. Very cool. Either way, I think you need to focus on girl names.

Anonymous said...

Sachiel I will pass on. Zane I do like but some friends of ours in Akron have a Zane who is close to 1 now. I wish I could remember his middle name. It was really cool.

Jake said...

Medivejie sounds good to me.